Geox Sukie B

£94.99 £44.99

Brand Geox Shoes

Super-flexible and incredibly lightweight, thanks to the soles made of EVA and TPU, Sukie women's trainers are the perfect shoes to help you put your best foot forward each day. With the perforated, breathable soles of all Geox shoes, Sukie has uppers in skin-coloured suede with shiny, mesh inserts which further increase breathability, ensuring an ideal microclimate which keeps feet dry. The insoles are removable which makes for optimal hygiene and practicality. Easy to mix and match for a casual look, Sukie is the ideal trainers for easy and comfortable walking.

The rubber evergreen sole, patented by Geox, has changed the world of footwear.
Cutting-edge technology combining a perforated sole with a resistant, breathable and water-repellent membrane, allowing natural temperature regulation and creating a micro-climate inside the shoe that leaves the foot dry throughout the day.