Geox Black Sandal

£94.00 £39.99

Brand Geox Shoes

A classic silhouette and materials completed renewed and cool, in line with the trends for summer. Vega women’s sandals combine the typical comfort of the Geox breathable perforated sole, that keeps feet comfortable and dry, with the cool trends of the moment. With the upper in pearly leather, realised in a refined shade of champagne, they have a side buckle closure. The insole is breathable and antibacterial L-memory foam which mould the shape of your feet for tailored well-being and exceptional cushioning when walking.

The rubber evergreen sole, patented by Geox, has changed the world of footwear.
Cutting-edge technology combining a perforated sole with a resistant, breathable and water-repellent membrane, allowing natural temperature regulation and creating a micro-climate inside the shoe that leaves the foot dry throughout the day.